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We are home to the Island's top teams such as the Charlottetown Islanders and UPEI Panther Hockey.

Our Team Training programs are ideal for:

- Improving team speed and strength

- Improving team confidence

- Effective team building

- Decreasing risk of injury

- Learning quality warm-up and cool-down routines

We can customize your team training experience to fit your teams game, practice, budget, and goals.

Nick and the team at Synergy Fitness have been essential in our program's success on the ice. The fitness gains UPEI women's hockey players have seen since Nick's programming has be been introduced, have had a direct result in our AUS and USPORT success. As well Nick has made a connection with each individual athlete to meet their personal needs and is a key member of our coaching staff.

Sean Fisher - Head Coach, UPEI Women's Hockey

Here's just some of the teams we work with

The goal is to provide a well structured training program that not only develops athletes, but to also bring out the best in the athletes. Quality of movement is everything as it sets the foundation in which these athletes can develop their skills in their sport. Without this strong foundation, we lose the ability to raise the bar of the athletes potential in which can then limit their opportunity of growth. Our coaches look to hit maintain this quality but to also create some enjoyment with the athletes by challenging them in various movements and with "friendly" competition within the team so they can maintain their competitive edge! 


Looking to develop your team's potential?

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