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The Fun Factor, Pt. I

We are proud to be the gym of choice for 593 athletes, give or take a few.

Whether it is an elite athlete choosing to invest their time, their money and their effort, or a team of young hockey players stopping in to learn the basics and gain a little edge, 

or some Mount Academy students supplementing their studies with physical activity, Synergy is the place they turn to.

So what is our secret?

So what is our goal amidst all of this?

So what is the most important aspect?


Fun is the driver here - if fun is absent, then anything else we do loses its lustre.

Fun breeds passion. Passion breeds drive. And drive breeds success.

You cannot have passion without a level of fun; you cannot have passion without drive; you cannot attain success without drive.

Making exercise a part of your life, learning and improving as you go - this is fun.

Being presented with new challenges, and the feeling of meeting them head-on, accomplishing goals and getting out of your comfort zone - this is fun.

Feeling encouraged and empowered, having people believe in you - this is fun.

Setting new benchmarks for yourself, new things for you to chase after - this is fun.

Fun boosts your chances of being a lifelong participant in exercise and physical activity.

But what about the “serious” or “elite” athlete? What of those who pay to see results?

If results are more important than “fun,” if results is what you are after, then we all need to ask ourselves a few questions:

Doesn’t smart training lend itself to results?

Doesn’t embracing challenge lead to results?

Doesn’t empowerment and belief lead to results?

Doesn’t having something to strive lead to results?

Alysha Corrigan trains with us here. So does Noah Dobson, Jeremy McKenna, Shannon MacAulay, and Darren Lundrigan.

These are all elite athletes in their respective sport. They illustrate the idea that the best athletes have fun in the process. They enjoy and embrace the day-in, day-out process of being an athlete and trying to improve.

Mark Flood is thirty-four years old. He has played in the NHL, AHL, KHL, OHL, SM-Liga, and many leagues and locales across the globe.

And he is the consummate professional. His entire approach to training and lifestyle is an example for athletes of any age. He is now training with elite athletes half his age - and yet not only does he still have the most fun, but he is often the one “upping the fun.”

Fun and results - both in the short and long term - are not mutually exclusive.

If you cannot have fun in the process, will you be able to fully enjoy the results anyway?

Maybe fun is the answer…

The Fun Factor, Pt. II

We closed our previous discussion on the importance of fun by looking at some of our elite athletes and how they enjoy the process - the day-in and day-out.

Which brings us to our adults. When we talk about adult fitness, we don’t look small picture. That is to say, we don’t want an adult for a 6-8 week program.

We want to provide them with the passion, tools, environment, and coaching to incorporate exercise and physical activity into their daily lives… for the rest of their lives. 

This is evident in our current cohort of Synergy clients, who range in age from 7 to mid-nineties.

So what are our goals in relation to our adult clients? Not all that different from our youth clients.

Do no harm - an injured human is not useful

Move better - when you move better, you feel better and you live better

Efficiency - you are busy, so we aim to provide bang for your buck, with no fluff involved

How do we do this? How do we provide a safe, efficient, and instructive environment that also fits within your busy everyday lives?

Options - Personal Training, Athlete 4 Life Programs, Adult Fitness Classes or a combo

Periodization - varying the intensity, focus, and volume of the workouts each week

Workout Format - focusing on strength and conditioning, but also movement and mobility

When we welcome new adults, we want to have them around awhile. And for our regulars, keeping them around is just as important. We feel that by providing a fun experience, one centered on teaching and interaction, our clients will be better able to apply and enjoy their learned physical activity skills - both in and out of the gym. 

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